KNUST: SCISA Sets Record, Outdoors the Largest Female Representation In the History of the University

Ghana’s Premier Science and Technology University, KNUST, from the SRC to halls and colleges through to the departmental levels have always battled with the very under represented female populace when it comes to student leadership.

The cause being very toxic stereotypes that suggests women cannot lead and the very unwelcoming nature of students to female student leaders and very much importantly the fact that there is little precedence set and there are very little active females in the game other younglings can aspire up to.

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An initiative, Women in Science (WISe), was set up by the Women’s commission under the then administration of Master Justice Appiah which was fundamentally aimed at rebranding the SCISA women’s commission into a solid feminine body, revealing the passion of women in science, aiding and developing them in matters regarding their social, emotional and entire wellbeing as students at large. It was also created to assist women to add value to themselves through capacity building projects etc.


Such brilliant initiatives can only be fully actualised when there are more women with relevant stakes within the college to help put such dreams into reality. Master Michael Abuah, president of the Science Students’ Association for the 2020/2021 academic year, appointed Ms. Eghan Maame Ama Nyametease and Rt. Hon. Ama Kwartemaa Agyei Frimpong as the first ever public relations officer and senate speaker of our respectable college students’ association and having Ms. Ama Agyemang- Opambour Osei occupy the very notable position of Judicial Chairperson.

This huge feat is part of Master Abuah’s well thought out plan to boost participation of females in the administration while making them add value to themselves by engaging in student leadership and building up on the already begun WISe initiative.

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This is a huge win to all women in KNUST especially the younglings as precedence has been set and there’s incentive to take part in student politics and also to other student leaders to actively try recruiting more women in their various administrations as most of them merit such positions and lastly a huge win for the Women’s commission of SCISA KNUST as they now have a broader female representation in the administration.