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Knust SRC President Samuel Sesah to set up a COVID-19 Relief Fund for Students

Knust SRC President Samuel Sesah to set up a COVID-19 Relief Fund for Students

Master Samuel Sesah after pulling massive votes during the just-ended KNUST SRC elections and the emerging winner has been inaugurated as the 60th KNUST SRC President, who takes over from the Adu-Baah Charles led administration, confirmed.

On the 4th of February,2021, Mr Samuel Sesah reaffirmed some of his promises he made during his campaign on campus to students in his inaugural speech after he had been sworn in.

The SRC President stated that his vision basically will be focused on three main goals; ‘protecting lives of students and our academic work, rebuilding our association and ensuring its continuous relevance, assisting students in every means available to ensure that life on campus is made easy.

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As stated in his manifesto, he made mention of some paramount policies his administration wishes to achieve during their tenure in office such as the COVID 19 relief fund from the SRC aside from the existing KBN funds. He stated:

“Paramount among our policies is our ‘COVID19 relief fund package’ from the SRC aside the existing KBN fund. Monies that would have been budgeted for some entertainment programs will be redirected into this fund due to the COVID-19 protocols. This amount will be set aside and with a competent committee, the distribution will be made to students in need of financial aid. The list for these students will be compiled from the offices of the various college counselors and from the office of the Dean of Students.

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We understand that the pandemic affected many sources of livelihood and the financial constraints on many parents became greater. With our current academic calendar as well, many students who hitherto, would work during breaks to secure their fees, and upkeep money will be disadvantaged. This is why the Defy the Odds agenda will channel this amount so as to alleviate this burden for us all. A significant portion of this fund will go into the SRC food bank in order to increase its capacity.”

SRC President Samuel Sesah to set up a COVID-19 Relief Fund for Students

He promised that he will advocate for increment in the data package to facilitate learning and also ensure the creation of a taxi rank at kentinkrono for students within its environs.

In his concluding remarks, he pledged to reside over an SRC that is going to bridge the gap between the university administration and the entire student populace and also be committed to his mantra of DEFYING EVERY ODD that confronts students and the SRC to make the council relevant to all again.

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Story By: Priscilla Ansuaa

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