KNUST: Students lament over no WiFi access at some parts of the SRC Hostel


The KNUST SRC flagstaff house has been reported to have WiFi troubles.


Some students have expressed concerns on them not having access to WiFi connectivity inside the SRC hostel amidst WiFi routers being available. Others have also showed their disappointment as a section of the Block ‘C’ and ‘D’ are not even having routers to talk of WiFi connection.


Reports were are picking on the grounds indicates that concerned Students claim they have been complaining about this issue to the hostel management and the SRC executives yet still nothing has been done about it. Students were furious as to why they are in the same hostel and only a section enjoy the privileges that come along with the hostel while others suffer a different fate.


The office of the SRC President and his executives has been been questioned by residents of the hostel as to what they have been doing about this issue since they are very much aware of the plight some students are going through.


Block ‘D’ students also had a different opinion as they questioned the SRC about why they don’t have any router on their blocks especially the top floors. Should anything be the case, this is the hostel of SRC executives so why the outburst of WiFi issues? This question is yet to be answered. Students at this moment are waiting on the SRC to solve the issue of no routers and the routers not working.

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