KNUST Students To Demonstrate Over Exorbitant Hostel Prices

Some section of students of Knust have expressed readiness to demonstrate against the annual increment of hostel prices in and out of Knust campus. The menace has pushed most students to join the #knusthostelpricesmustfall trend. Large number of students has over the past few days expressed their distaste of the overly charged hostel fees by both GUSSS hostel management and private hostel managers.

It has become a norm to increase hostel fees each and every year by huge percentages by these hostel operators each and every year in KNUST. Many student activists have led the advocacy to reduce hostel prices or at least set a cap to check the fluctuation of hostel prices but it seems to always land in thorns. Hostel prices keeps on increasing each year while academic fees remain unchanged and this has raised the question, why pay more for a place to sleep than the main reason we are in  school ?

One may argue, that the law of supply and the problem of shortage has led to the annual increase in hostel prices but students believe that is not an excuse to give as prices charged are just too extravagant. Some also fear room spaces available in hostels are full and they might end up not getting accommodation because of the inability to afford such huge prices.

Students of Knust have threatened to demonstrate virtually since school is not in session and even go to the extent of sleeping outside should school resumes. Meanwhile, some students have paid in full for such hostels but would they be refunded some amount should the hostel prices be reduced after the demonstration?

It has also come to light that some students book accommodation in these On- campus hostels and later sell them to their colleagues at higher prices. This, some students condemn totally as it is a cheat.

Earlier today, the PRO of the Interim Student Representative Council (ISRC), Master Frank Toko released a statement addressing the uprising issue and to calm students down as there were room spaces still available for lease at the SRC hostel.

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