Knust: Undergraduate Examinations to be averaged over 3 to 5 online written assignments

Knust: Undergraduate Examinations to be averaged over 3 to 5 online written assignments

Almost all tertiary institutions in Ghana have taken to e-learning administered by lecturers to make up for the lost time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The administration of KNUST catered for the online needs of the student populace with the introduction of I-Learn, an online learning platform. No specific timeframe had been rolled out as regards the span of this e-learning program and this left the timeframe for examinations in a similar limbo.

The Academic Board of the University has on May 12, 2020, issued a communique that spells out the framework adopted by the university in dealing with the challenges and criticisms that have faced the attempt at online examinations.

According to the communique issued by the Secretary of the Academic Board, Mrs. Margaret Dzisi, examinations are to be administered online. The examination is to be an average of three to five online written assignments per course, ‘as determined by the peculiarity of the course”.

Issues that were raised about those in remote areas have been catered for with a directive for students in such situations to submit their assignments to their district education office. It will then be forwarded to the IDL (Institute of Distant Learning) offices of KNUST in proximity to those in these remote areas.

The communique also laid out directives such as the submission of thesis online for both graduate and postgraduate levels, the defence of theses with the employment of Zoom technologies, and an extension of thesis defence to November 2020. These directives are all subject to change depending on how events unravel in the coming weeks.

Source: Hypercitigh.com