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KNUST: Upsurging SRC Presidential Aspirant, Michael Abuah Resigns as SCISA President; Checkout the 97% of his promises he delivered to College Of Science

Michael Abuah

Already rising KNUST SRC Presidential Aspirant, Master Michael Abuah has resigned as Science Students Association’s President. This information was relayed to the entire student populace after a communique was released by the Executive council of the Noble Science Student’s Association. “His reason stated is to absolve him of responsibilities in SCISA to pursue higher Political aspirations”, the communique stated.

The Executive council added with assurance to students of College Of Science that there is going to be a smooth transition to get the Vice President, Master Isaiah Amo Mensah, the Executive council and the able team of Leaders in General up to continue and ensure the smooth running of the SCISA administration and continue to provide the quality leadership and Governance the Abuah-led administration gave to the College of Science.

The council commended and appreciated Michael Abuah for their many successes under his Quality and fully accountable leadership.

College Of Science, Michael Abuah

Meanwhile, Master Michael before running for the Office as SCISA President was hoping to usher in a new wave of Student leadership where he will put the needs SCISANs as his topmost priority. Michael Abuah said, he believed his new wave of student Leadership will focus on the majority of the Problems of an average College Of Science Student and Generally making a positive impact on the lives of SCISANs.

As a result-oriented Leader, Michael Abuah together with his team of outstanding Leaders within 8 months in their term of office delivered 97%  of the promises he made to the people of SCISA.

Below is a summary of the promises, policies, and the impact the Michael Abuah -led administration executed and had on the lives of students in the College of Science:

    1. Skills Hub; organized a training scheme for SCISANs that spanned photography, graphic designing, and web development.
    2. Wisematics; female capacity building scheme that spanned from wig making, yogurt making,soap making skills and other crafts to empower entrepreneurship.
    3. SCISA drive; a substantially subsidized programme for SCISANs who want to learn how to drive and acquire a license.
    4. Advertisement platform; an advertisement hub for SCISANs that include LED TVs in various parts of the college. Click to read more 
    5. SCISA today; a virtual platform created for SCISANs to interact during the COVID break that ranged from podcasts to other virtual initiatives.
    6. WISEHOUR; a capacity-building event that had notable personalities engage students on career paths.
    7. End it right conference; an event for students to interact with real-world game-changers to help navigate the world after school.

1. Equipped over 800 Students in SCISA with entrepreneurial skills that can help empower students financially.
2. Given students the chance to advertise various goods and services to a ready market of about 9000 students.
3. Given students the chance to interact with game changers within the real world to help navigate the real world after school.

    1. Creation of general assembly; a decision-making body made up of class reps to help tackle issues facing various classes
    2. Creation of health committee; a committee created to oversee issues of health within the college especially with regards to managing COVID-19 pandemic within the college.
    3. Appointment of first female PRO and JC in college

1. Helped bridged the gap between class reps and administrations
2. Efficient dissemination of information from administration to student body through class reps
3. Efficient management of the COVID-19 pandemic in the college by engaging in advocacy and helping with thermometer guns at check points and also providing masks to various students in the college.


    1. SCISA BURSARY; a revamp of the annual Bursary for students in SCISA by an increase in about 20% of beneficiaries totaling 536 beneficiaries.
    2. SCISA dey for you; a welfare scheme that assists students in the form of items ranging from. bags of rice to cooking oil and sacks Gari amongst others.
    3. Used His position as president to advocate for the extension of fee payment through the SRC Parliament.
    4. He Advocated for the provision of the SCISA cloth to students who were denied in the previous administration.

1. Provided relief in the form of financial benefits and good items to hundreds of SCISANS.
2. Ensured the timely provision of the SCISA cloth to students who paid
3. Aided hundreds of students who could not make payment of fees in time to write their end-of-semester exams last semester and pay fees at a later date.


    1. Extension of COSSAP; tutorial session organized by college at the end of the semester for students extended to span over a longer period of time.
    2. Consolidation of learning materials; an online platform that houses learning materials for all departments.
    3. End of Semester and mid-semester tutorials.

1. Helped thousands of students get access to various tutorials in college and access Learning materials online.


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