KNUST:First SRC Parliamentary sitting after visiting National Parliament

3rd February,2019 marked the first sitting of the KNUST SRC Parliament since the beginning of this new year with a remarkable attendance of;

SRC Parliamentarians, Local NUGS Executives and the Media. The acting Dean of Students, Professor Wilson Agyare passed by to wish student leaders the best in their deliberations.

It came to the notice of the public and students body earlier that the KNUST SRC parliament wanted to withdraw from NUGS. However, Miraculously, the withdrawal of KNUST SRC was not found on the Order paper.

As the August house sat in their various constituency members, a confusion broke the serene atmosphere of the the House; members of the house stalled the swearing in of proposed KATH JCR representatives.

Hon.Kataba of Katanga constituency called for a suspension of the induction of KATH JCRC because due process and documentation may have been sidelined.
An act He exclaimed to be “an unbefitting welcome”

After a long back and forth, the Noble House with one accord admitted swearing In the KATH JCRC.

Sasu affirming to the budget reading on Friday. The Speaker of the house then forced Hon. Kataba to retract the statement he made concerning burning the Hall if it is not reverted an all-males hall.

The first sitting was crowned with the Speaker of Parliament,Rt. Hon Benjamin Kissi

Source: |Samuel Atakora |Barrister

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