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KNUST:SRC Publicity Head Reacts to #Tektalk5 Mess and Flopp


The current SRC administration led by Master Adu Baah Charles organised their year of TekTalk Yesterday Friday,25th October 2019 and dubbed it #TekTalk5 which was the 5th anniversary of the program. This program over the years features prominent speakers who have something out themselves in life to talk students,Inspire them and challenge them to do more.

Yesterday,After the program,the popular question speculating is ” Is this the GHC 51,000 budgeted program?” This was due to the disappointments most students and other audiences had after all the enthusiasm towards the much anticipated program.

According to reports,the program almost flopped or indeed flopped as it was below value and more was expected to a GHC 51,000 budgeted program

Organisers were much blamed as setting up was late to the extent of critical technical issues even when audience were already seated. Also lateness of most SRC executives were not left including the President himself. A
Program that was suppose to start at 5pm ended up starting at 8pm.Again, the disappointment were much on the most expected speakers that was to be to be present at the program ended up bringing representatives rather.Item 13 was indeed praised because it wasnt left out as usual.

Critics on attendance was not left out as it was very poor as according to reports, publicity of the program was terrible as expected .

Meanwhile, hypeghnewsroom approached the SRC Publicity head, Antwi Bediako Yeboah on his take on what’s trending, he said,

Dwelling in all transparency, my ideas I gave on grounds work publicity (room to room, class to class, displaying the flyers on the LED screens in the traditional halls, GUSSS Hostels and the college side) weren’t considered.

Probably many people thought Tektalk is generally recognized so there was no need for massive publicity.
So the best I could do was to put my maximum effort into publicizing on social media since that was the only source I could fund.
Kudos to my PROs, Richard Amoh and Anokye Kyeremanteng, Campus MP Daniel Tetteh, the Tektalk Committee Chairman Adomako-Nyantakyi and his deputies, the TEKTalk Committee, NUGS KNUST Treasurer Emmanuel Archer, the entire SRC Executives, students of KNUST and all the media houses on campus who helped in the publicity of #TelkTalkAt5 especially on social media.
I will conclude by saying everyone can blame publicity in general but not me as Mr.Law.
I did my best. Thanks very much.”


Source: hypeghnewsroom.com

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