Dear Corona,
I am in tears, disturbed and devastated as I write you this letter. Don’t expect me to ask you how you and your family are doing, because the whole world has already seen how you are doing.

Firstly, Mr. Corona, my world was not perfect, but I liked it. You have completely destroyed it. The social separation you have brought on us, is like taking a horse to a river side and forcing it not to drink when it wants to drink.
The fear you have brought on people is even greater than the fear a nuclear war threatens.

Secondly, your other siblings, HIV/AIDS, Ebola, H1N1, SARS, all caused trouble, but none can be compared to yours. They were roaring siblings, but for you, you are quiet, yet deadly.
You seem gentle, yet a gangster within.
Ebola your elder brother killed quickly, but you torture, traumatize and let your patients die a painful death.

It is not surprising, as I believe your other relatives studied courses perculiar to them, and applied that which they liked, but for you Corona, you studied the difficult courses; respiratory diseases, common cold, high temperature and yet managed to apply them with ease.

At the mention of your name, people scatter, as if bad boys have seen their house master and running for safety.

You have commanded the world in a way that Alexander the great, Napoleon, Ceasar, Hitler never did, and are fascinated by how you are doing it.

Mr. Corona, I took the pain to know you, and found that your first name means crown.
Indeed you are a King, and whole world bows before you. No dictator or tyrannical leader can be compared to you.

Mr. Corona, please the harm you have caused us is enough, please leave us let’s repair the ruins you left behind. We have learnt our lesson, we will sanitize our environment. We will also treat mother nature well especially animals. Your time is up.

It is either you go, or we prepare an army to extinguish you forever. Your siblings left in peace, and they exist still causing trouble here and there. Please leave in peace.

I have always thought World War 3 was between USA and North Korea, but I am wrong, fighting you is the actual World War 3.

I hope you consider my plea, and leave us.

Yours faithfully,
Kwame Afro.

COVID-19: I’m grateful Corona has shown people that there’s God – Shatta Wale

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