Looking For Ways To Spice Things Up? Here Are 4 S3xual Fantasies To Try With Your Partner

Looking For Ways To Spice Things Up? Here Are 4 S3xual Fantasies To Try With Your Partner

Show me someone without s3xual fantasies and I will tell you they are hiding something big about themselves. As a matter of fact, everyone has s3xual fantasies as long as you’re a human.

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However, for some, it is something extraordinary, while others prefer role-playing, underwater s3x, Bondage s3x and the list go on. These fantasies are just another creative way of heating up your s3x life. Some s3xual fantasies rank high on most people’s lists and we are going to list down four of those to help you shortlist yours.

Looking For Ways To Spice Things Up? Here Are 4 S3xual Fantasies To Try With Your Partner

Controlling Your Partner’s Orgasms

This is as intense as it can get. Now think about your most loved candy or ice cream and someone is giving you exactly that but the minute you are handed the candy or the ice cream, its snatched away. That is exactly how you feel when your orgasms are controlled but just more intense and palpable. Establish what’s accepted and what’s not and your fantasies are going to pay off. Dominate your way through your partner’s orgasms only allowing when you want to. Isn’t this something you may want to try?

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Having S3x On High Rise Window

A sucker for high rises or the heights, in general? Then getting down to business at the windowpane or a balcony overlooking the city skyline, or the mountains can give you the high, not even sky diving can give, or so we think. This fantasy can be easily ticked off your list and a little skinny dipping a while after will surely soar the temperatures higher than the high rises.

Exploring Your Partner’s Body

Satisfying your partner can be one of the most arousing factors while engaging in s3x, and looking at your partner enjoying the same, even hotter. That is why there are many who want to explore and fantasies about exploring their partner’s bodies to know what makes them tick.

Having S3x At Restricted Places

Most of us have fantasised about this at some point. It does push your adrenaline to the peak. Fantasising about making out or going that extra mile in restricted places like workplaces, a park, a cinema hall or even your own backyard features well in everybody’s checklist. The mere rush of having s3x in places you wouldn’t imagine makes it all worth the effort. Next time you find yourselves alone in your backyard, you know what to do.

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