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Matters Arising In Knust:The Will Of The People

Matters Arising In Knust:The Will Of The People


For the greater part of last year, (the strangest year Fellows have ever lived through) the phrases, extraordinary circumstances, and not normal times among others have been used by many people whenever there is a problem to address. The COVID-19 pandemic that has swept throughout the globe affecting every man, woman, and child has put us all in puzzling situations such that, the conventional way of doing things can no longer be applied rather, a bizarre or novel way of dealing with daily events making us now creatures of circumstance. Now we cast our eyes from the world and look at KNUST because there is a problem that needs to be addressed as a result of the unusual effects of the COVID-19 virus.

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We all know that usually towards the end of the second semester, elections are conducted to determine the
SRC president of the Students Republic of KNUST. However, that was not accomplished and the erstwhile government led by Charles Adu Baah created an interim government to manage the affairs of our Republic until such time elections can be conducted to usher in a democratic government of the people, elected by the people to rule the people as their will dictates. The logic of this prudent act is quite simple and the objects of the Interim Committee as it is called does not require further explanation but someway somehow, it is distressing to discover to the dismay of Katangees that whispers are suggesting that these members of the Interim Committee are for reasons known to them, attempting to subvert the will of the people and wish to hijack the elections and remain in power without allowing the people to exercise their mandate.

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Fellows are not moved by idle gossip but there is no smoke without a fire. Whether these whispers be true or not, we do not care but if there is truth to it, the members of the interim government need to look at the situation in various parts of the world where subversion of the will of the people resulted in the creation of a failed state. The Interim Committee in our opinion already has a member whose presidency is questionable and invalid for that matter. That individual is in the person of Martin Darko Dankwah, jovially known as MDD. We know that he wasn’t properly sworn into office therefore, he cannot be said to be our president in the proper sense of the word and though preparations are being made to deal with that issue, attention is being drawn to the fact that the composition of the Committee is already defective thus prolonging their stay is inimical to the interest of the student body.

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We are not in ordinary times thus the Committee happens to be a creature of circumstance and Fellows since time immemorial are creatures of what is right and beneficial to the society at large. We would therefore like to call on the Electoral Commissioner not to be deceived into thinking that the incentives he may receive from remaining in office are far greater than serving the common good of the reason he was made the interim Commissioner for elections but rather to take a cue from the Electoral Commissioner of Ghana, Madam Jean Mensa who despite the unusual demands of the present time, conducted the voting process perfectly. Let him as quickly as possible conduct the elections within the time stipulated in the transitional Act for the Students Republic of KNUST to continue to develop in the spirit of the precepts that govern it.

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The interim Judicial Chair should direct and advise and ensure that as a student of law, the efforts of her constitutional law lecturer does not go down the drain after all these years.

Though this short piece may seem calm and not threatening (even though there is imminent action) as is usually expected, the will of the people should always prevail no matter the circumstance as demonstrated in our national elections. Posterity judges all.

The message remains the same, we do not Rest from agitating for what is right as that is what Katangeeism is all about. Let the soul of Aunty Ama Rest peacefully

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