Medical Schools in South Africa

Top 10 Medical Schools in South Africa

Medical Schools in South Africa ; Are you looking forward to learning medicine in South Africa? Do you have the dream and passion to also become a medical doctor? Then here is a list of some of the universities in South Africa that offers medicine as a course that can assist you to become a medical doctor in ease and in a grand style. 

Medicine is known as one of the best professions to venture into. It is known as a prestigious profession as its main aim is to save the lives of people. This profession also demands a lot. It is also time-consuming and involves intensive work, and intellectual.

However, there are a lot of schools that offer medical courses all across the world. South Africa has about 13 universities that offer medicine as a course. The medical field is also a broad field that demands the acquisition of knowledge in order to help in the treatment and prevention of disease in human beings and also animals.

Take your time, read through and make your choice of the medical school you want to attend, and also make your long wait for a dream a reality. 

Top Medical Schools in South Africa

  1. University of Limpopo
  2. University of Pretoria
  3. Walter Sisulu University
  4. Nelson Mandela University
  5. University of Free State
  6. University KwaZulu Natal
  7. University of Western Cape
  8. Stellenbosch University
  9. University of Cape Town
  10. University Witwatersrand