Meet the Knust first class student who sells Banku and Tilapia for a living

Meet the Knust first class student who sells Banku and Tilapia

Meet the Knust first class student who sells Banku and Tilapia

Gideon Ansong, who is popularly known and preferably responds to ‘Gideon Trust’, is a graduate of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).

Gideon, 24, has established a lifelong dream of establishing a food business (Banku and Tilapia).

His foodservice is popularly known on the KNUST Campus as ‘The Tilapia Guy’.

He graduated from KNUST with a degree in Communication Design and specialized in Multimedia in the year 2015.

Aside his interest in creating a successful food business, he has great media skills (film making, video editing, photography, graphic designing, media production, etc.

He is a purpose-driven young man who inspires others with what he does and is very humble. In light of his willingness to help others, he has set up an NGO that is geared towards helping brilliant but financially less endowed children in our public basic schools.

At the age of 6, he took an interest in food art. He picked up from his mother and his grandmother as he was compelled to do so in their absence.

He lived with his grandmother as a kid until the age of 14 when he moved in with his mother.

“My mother used to run a restaurant so I used to help around, which equipped me with better cooking skills, and that is when my interest in cooking remerged,” he said.

As part of his skills, he is enriched in video editing, filmmaking, and has advanced experience in radio hosting.

Not only does he have a passion for food, but he has also envisioned making documentaries of his own.

One of his missions is to make ‘The Tilapia Guy’ a really notable eatery in the whole of Ghana.

Before he decided to take on this journey, he took time to know his strengths and weaknesses and decided to start slowly with this business, which he expects to boost.

He officially opened his ‘Banku and Tilapia’ business in mid-January 2021


Student Photographer 2018 – (National Union of University Students KNUST)

Producer of YouTube Video “Tales of Afia Pokuaa”

Producer and Director of campus TV series “Plight” (addresses suicide among the youth)

Radio Host – Focus FM


Located at Kotei-Knust, Kumasi

Deliveries in Kumasi

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