Francisca Adom Tops Africa Hall Presidential Vetting

My Untold Story, Adom Francisca Africa Hall President Hopeful’ 21

My Untold Story, Adom Francisca Africa Hall President Hopeful’ 21 Writes

My four- year experience as a student in KNUST started in September, 2017 when I was admitted to pursue BA. English.

At one appointed time by my creator, there was a rather unfortunate incident that had me to spend close to three months in the hospital in the 2018/2019 academic year.

After missing out on a number of class lectures and exams, I was left with three options in consultation with my lecturers and parents.

Out of these three options, I chose to start a new career as a student in the university. I applied again in the 2019/2020 academic year and was given to read Bsc. Human Resource Management.

Growing up like a seed, my humble beginnings were never over-shadowed. I made a very bold decision as a human that in any abode I may be called to, my remarkable and selfless services would make a great impact. One God-given talent I have always been grateful for and is my ability to lobby for every group I stay with gave me the chance to serve as the SRC sponsorship head in the just past academic year.

Today, my quest to become the next Africa Hall President is backed by a full inspiration and I want to share that with you. WHO SMILED? MY GREATEST JOY!
I will quote again ‘when you are drowning in fears, doubts and self-sabotaging behaviors, success may feel out of grasp but hear me! All that believe in you and are yet to shall be your greatest source of strength’.

Imagine the last call you received in a day conveying a message that the one person who believed in you the most is no more and especially at the time you needed to discuss a new direction with him. This was an exact incident some few months ago and a reason for the late start in my current service quest.

Francisca Adom Tops Africa Hall Presidential Vetting

I feel there’s a very big hole created in my world and Africa Hall as my first home in the land of KNUST will be the best place to find another that will ever believe just as the earlier did.

The UBUNTU story as a part of my urge talks about a group of African children that held their hands in unison and approached a basket of goodies and consumed. In that regard, I strongly believe that we can only achieve together.
It’s a STRATEGIC CHANGE for the people.