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Nana Addo Appoints NPP 2020 Campaign Chairman As Board Chairman for Cocobod

Nana Addo Appoints NPP 2020 Campaign Chairman As Board Chairman for Cocobod

Peter Mac Manu, a former National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and campaign manager for President Akufo-victorious Addo’s presidential bids in 2016 and 2020, has been named Board Chairman of Cocobod.

Mr. Mac Manu is set to succeed Hackman Owusu-Agyemang, who served as Chairman of the Cocobod Board of Directors during President Akufo-first Addo’s term in office.

The new Cocobod Board of Directors is due to be sworn in by the Minister of Food and Agriculture, Owusu Afriyie Akoto (MP), on Friday, August 6, 2021.

Ghana Cocoa Board

The Ghana Cocoa Board (Cocobod), was established by ordinance in 1947 with the sum of ¢ 27 million (being Ghana’s share of the net profit of the West African Produce Control Board) as its initial working capital.

The organization traces its beginning further back to the cocoa hold-up of 1937. The mission of the Board is to encourage and facilitate the production, processing and marketing of good quality cocoa, coffee and sheanut in all forms in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Drive and Functions of Cocobod

Cocobod has several objectives and functions. Among them are to initiate programmes aimed at controlling pests and diseases of cocoa, coffee and shea nut, undertake and encourage the processing of cocoa, coffee, shea nut and cocoa waste with the aim of adding value for export and local consumption, undertake, promote and encourage scientific research aimed at improving the quality of cocoa, coffee, shea nut and other tropical crops and regulate the internal marketing of cocoa, coffee and shea nut.

Ghana Cocobod also seeks to secure the most favourable arrangements for the purchase, grading and sealing, certification, sale and export of cocoa, coffee and shea nut as well as purchase, market and export cocoa and cocoa products produced in Ghana which is graded under the Cocoa Industry (Regulations) (Consolidation) Decree, 1968 NLCD 278, or any other enactment as suitable for export.

Chairman’s Role

The newly appointed Board Chairman of Cocobod, Peter Mac Manu, would therefore be expected to liaise with the management of Cocobod led by its Chief Executive Officer, Joseph Boahen Aidoo, to assist in the development of the cocoa, coffee and shea nut industries of Ghana.

Profile of Peter Mac Manu

Peter Mac Manu served as the National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party from December 2005 to February 2010. He was made the Campaign Manager for the successful bid of President Akufo-Addo in the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections of 2016 and 2020.

Mac Manu has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the School of Administration of the University of Ghana. He later worked as a businessman and entrepreneur, and founded and managed several companies. Before being elected National Chairman, Mac Manu served as Chairman of the NPP in the Western Region.

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