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Knust News:No More Stress,Petition Accepted

Knust News: A sweet early jingles in the ears of KNUST students.

On the 17th December,2018 a petition was sent to the Office of the SRC President from Samuel Sesah, President of SCISA that students who would like to stay should be given someĀ  accommodation in their various Halls of residence.

Is He Samuel Sesah’s running mate already?

Having considered the two week break as short as the devil’s prayer many students opted to stay back on campus to save themselves the stress of having to go home and only return within the short time to be provided by the school.

The acceptance of this request by these two halls(Unity Hall and Republic Hall) is indeed a good news to the students as we wait patiently to hear same news from the other 4 traditional Halls.

#Samuel Oti Atakorah
#Rabiu Nafiu

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