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Old Voter Register Could Have Disenfranchised 800,000 eligible Voters – EC

Old Voter Register Could Have Disenfranchised 800,000 eligible Voters – EC

The Electoral Commission has affirmed that the old voter register could have disenfranchised 800,000 eligible voters. Compiling the voter register has been successful with about 16.6 million Ghanaians registering. 

The commission estimates that over 19.8 million voters would have been enrolled if a new register had not been planned.

At the EC’s Let the Citizen Know media meeting yesterday, the deputy Chair reported the registration has captured a large part of the voters nationwide.

The Let the Citizen Know media meeting was held on Friday 7 August 2020.

Dr Asare added,  there would have taken place a limited registration exercise in all electoral areas and it was estimated that some two million Ghanaians were added to the existing register by conservative means across the country.

“The Commission was in a situation of nearly 19 million registrants and about 800,000 denied the right to vote without creating a new register.

Since this registry was compiled, those on the 2012 duplicate and exemption lists have been able to register,” states Dr Asare.

According to the Commission, the 2019 list had 16,845,420 eligible voters.

Nevertheless, the Commission’ s preliminary figures indicate that in its mass electoral registration exercise,  16,663,699 people were registered.

The EC has also “quarantined” 797,493 persons on a list of exemptions and registrations.

To manually assess cases of double voter registration, the Commission has set up an Adjudication Committee.

Ghanaians aged at least 18 years have been estimated at 17,624,686, which constitutes 56.9 per cent of the total population of nearly 31 million, according to Ghana Statistical Service figures.

Nonetheless, the EC says that, after completing the entire process of certifying the list, it will reveal to the public in the next few days the total number of registered voters.


SOURCE: Hypeghnewsroom.com

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