King Midas Confirm dead in a Gory Accident

Photos :Knust Popular Writer and Activist King Midas Confirm dead in a Gory Accident

Knust Popular Writer and Activist King Midas Confirm dead in a Gory Accident

Knust graduate who is popularly known as King Midas has been confirmed dead according to a report available to

King Midas who works at a mining company was engaged in an accident on his way to work.King Midas Confirm dead in a Gory Accident

King Midas is noted for his good writing skills and activism in Knust.

May His Rest In Perfect Peace

Knust Popular Writer and Activist King Midas Confirm dead in a Gory Accident
Knust Popular Writer and Activist King Midas Confirm dead in a Gory Accident

More details soon

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Enjoy this from King Midas


My interest in matters affecting the daily lives of students on KNUST campus is still undying. After I left the four walls in November 2017, I still feel I’m part and had always follow every single issue. There are times I decide not to comment or ask why, but TEK TALK @ 5 got me curious and has warranted this piece. This piece will be very short, in fact, twill be as short as the mini skirt but long enough to cover all the essential parts.

In 2015, as part of his campaign promise, Boakye Nyamekye Isaac, BNI, instituted this programme. I must admit in all sincerity, I was one of the few critics. Every policy will have it’s own critique. So twas expected that some of us came out to do that. It does appear a cross-section of students fell in love with Tek Talk. So, why the big deal? It didn’t end after BNI handed over to Samuel Amoako Kusi, SAK. It continued thereby becoming a legacy. In the annals of the KNUST Students Politics, there are power blocks and ideologies. In the event the mantle changes, some legacies come to a halt. Simple reason, it came from an opposing power block. For example, where is Duke Sasu’s UBUNTU 2020? For Tek Talk to have sailed through in the last half a decade, should jingle a bell into your ear drums how important it has been.

It is said, if you can’t beat them, join them. Every year after 2015, the expectations are quite high as comparisons are done in terms of who performed better in its organization. The same expectations were required, though not a formalised prerequisite from the ABC led administration on October 25, 2019. I must admit and suffice is to say, I am not going to give an account on why certain things happened. This write seeks to call for further elucidation with respect to the purported or alleged, avoidable technical problems, why key personalities refused or failed to attend.

According to hypeghnewsroom, a campus based news portal, the programme was scheduled to commence at 5pm. As Africans as we are, we did our possible best to start on time. The programme started as early as 8:00pm. Is God not wonderful that in KNUST, 5pm is equal to 8pm? No explanation would convince a first year free SHS student, let alone a newly rushed and caught September first year Lady in Africa Hall. Timing is of essence and must be strictly adhered to. We always cry that the West is ahead of us and we blame our leaders. The West doesn’t joke with time but it is our choicest of delicacies and we celebrate it as if it is Santa. We have literary christened GMT as Ghana Man Time. Did I read that the SRC President, Master Adu Baah Charles, ABC, was late? This is a clear example of leadership by example. Perhaps, the programme was outlined for him to say the vote of thanks, the reason he came late. ABC, AYEKOO, Mo ne Yɔ. Continue to be late during programmes but make sure you are not addressed as Late ABC, food for thought.

In events organization, what organizers take solace in, is simple; technical problem, technical hitches et al. Must we always embrace this mediocre excuse? In this modern era, I find it very problematic to hear such an excuse to justify what is not justifiable. I am not sure GHAMSU, NUPS-G, PENSA or the likes were using the Great Hall for praises and worship after which there had to be switch of power and different sitting arrangements. Perhaps one has to educate me on the kind of decoration needed for Tek Talk. Was it like that of the Canaan wedding? I need education on it because I don’t know if decoration is also part of technical problem.

The kind of personalities invited for the programme determine the attendance. Obviously, you cannot invite the likes of Akua Donkor and expect huge followers. Chairman General and Kojo Oppong Nkrumah are huge personalities to attract all and sundry to the programme. Whoever suggested the duo really did well in terms of thinking. That person, wherever you are, “gye wo two.” Whose responsibility was it, to ensure they grace the occasion? Either the person failed or did a shoddy work. The moment their images appeared on the flier, it therefore suggest that they’ve agreed to be present. Tek Talk is not like TESCON or TEIN gathering where you would see lots of faces yet, only one would come. We got to be serious for once. One cannot play with our intelligence. We are in a well organised institution and certain things ought to be taken seriously. I am not sure their images were used for the sake of publicity.

Could it be that certain protocols were not followed or observed? Could it be that there were certain demands the organisers could not meet? Could it be that the organisers were cash trapped to the extent that they couldn’t meet certain financial demands? What might have caused their inability to come for the programme? The PR department of the SRC should explain things to us. Would they? YES! hypeghnewsroom once again has it.

I read from the news portal the response of the SRC P.R.O. In fact, his response wasn’t only lame duck but lacks quality and substance. He didn’t convince anyone at all. Let me quote it for the benefit of my readers. “Dwelling in all transparency, my ideas I gave on grounds work publicity (room to room, class to class, displaying the flyers on the LED screens in the traditional halls, GUSSS Hostels and the college side) weren’t considered.Probably many people thought Tektalk is generally recognized so there was no need for massive publicity.
So the best I could do was to put my maximum effort into publicizing on social media since that was the only source I could fund.

Kudos to my PROs, Richard Amoh and Anokye Kyeremanteng, Campus MP Daniel Tetteh, the Tektalk Committee Chairman Adomako-Nyantakyi and his deputies, the TEKTalk Committee, NUGS KNUST Treasurer Emmanuel Archer, the entire SRC Executives, students of KNUST and all the media houses on campus who helped in the publicity of #TelkTalkAt5 especially on social media.
I will conclude by saying everyone can blame publicity in general but not me as Mr. Law.I did my best. Thanks very much.”

The second part of the response is just a guess and wrong assumption. The third part of it is just a livication to friends and family. My brother, we are NOT watching TV 3’s Music Music for you to livicate songs for friends. Did I see Richard Amo’s name in the list? My brother, before your appointment, you were a good critique and even though you were and are not perfect, you strived for perfection. Have you realized that it is not “bɛtɛɛ saa?” Have you asked how people are measuring you, whilst in position? Richard, I personally expect much from you because I believe in your capabilities.

Let us take a critical look at the first part of the response: Dwelling in all transparency, my ideas I gave on grounds work publicity (room to room, class to class, displaying the flyers on the LED screens in the traditional halls, GUSSS Hostels and the college side) weren’t considered. This statement alone calls for his head to be rolled. The fact that Independence Day is known, State of the Nation Address is known doesn’t mean it should not be publicized. Again, for you to come out publicly to proclaim that your ideas were not considered is a betrayal. I don’t know why you are still at post. You could have done far better than this. My brother, resign before you are fired.

The future is bright not bleak for corrections to be made. The reason the pencil has eraser is meant for corrections. The SRC has a huge responsibility in terms of subsequent events. Like Charles Dickens Oliver Twist, we ask for more. I read that as for item 13, twas massively assured. No wonder it was reported that a whooping ₵51, 000 was spent on Tek Talk. In fact, this has been one of your cocoa seasons. Would they account for the students? Certainly NO.

It would be unfair on my part if I do not not condemn the needless attack on Joshua Opey. The SRC should not stifle media freedom on campus. My name is King Midas Amoateng, former AKAN Student of KNUST. After hanging the chalk/marker pen and putting on the helmet and safety boot, I write to greet Raheem Awaafo, now that he’s back on campus he doesn’t even pick my calls. How are you Kierra Ama Purple as well as Sharon? The SRC must work again.