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President of Ghana to receive Covid-19 vaccine first in Ghana

President of Ghana to receive Covid-19 vaccine first in Ghana

President of Ghana to receive Covid-19 vaccine first in Ghana

Online applications and call centres for COVID-19 vaccine pre-booking are being launched by the government of Ghana.

Dr. Anthony Nsiah Asare, presidential health advisor, who made this clear, says the move would help with surveillance and also allow more Ghanaians to use the vaccine, which comes at no cost.

In an exclusive interview, he told TV3’s Grace Hammoah Asare that President Akuffo Addo will be the first Ghanaian to receive the vaccine.

By the end of this week, Ghana receives the first consignment of AstraZeneca and sputnik COVID-19 vaccines.

Even before their arrival, Ghanaians expressed mixed reactions to their readiness to take the jab or otherwise.
For some, the side effects are their concern.

But the Presidential advisor on health, Dr Nsiah Asare says such reactions are normal.

“President Akufo-Addo will be the first to be vaccinated. This is to assure Ghanaians that the vaccine re safe and any other reactions like headache, dizziness, or pains are all usual with every vaccination”, he assured.

He noted that government is introducing applications and call centres for booking and monitoring of the exercise.

“We are even thinking of introducing apps so that people can book for vaccinations. We will also set up call centres and send SMS to people on the dates and times of their vaccination.”

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According to him, it is in the interest of the country, for people to avail themselves to vaccinate.

“We encourage everyone to avail themselves for the vaccine. It is safe and we want other Ghanaian abroad to also put out their videos to encourage others in Ghana”.

Some 20 million Ghanaians are expected to be vaccinated in the exercise which begins in March.

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