Sad – 4 Days To His Wedding, See What This Man Found On His Fiancés Phone

Sad - 4 Days To His Wedding, See What This Man Found On His Fiancés Phone

Indeed, love is blind as most people would say, but the unfaithfulness of ones partner in a relationship is indeed a very tragic and painful situation as it could lead to the downfall of one’s relationship.

Today we would be looking at the leaked message a man found on his fiancé’s phone just 4 days to their wedding, well before I proceed with this interesting article, please make sure you click on the red follow button to get more latest updates and notifications from us.

Today a shocking tweet has been trending on social media as a man named Daniel Ikena took to his tweeter handle where he disclosed an hidden Whatsapp message on his fiancé’s phone.

According to his tweet, he said “What have I done, where have I gone wrong? Why me, what would I tell my parent’s now, just 4 days to our wedding take a look at the hidden message I found on my fiancés phone.”

He also went further in his speech where he said he was so confused and don’t know what else to do as he asked for advice, see screenshots of leaked whatsapp conversation below:

According to the whatsapp conversation above, you can clearly see that Daniel’s fiancé whose name wasn’t mentioned below could be seen having a secret conversation with a man name Eric who seems to be her secret lover.

Although according to the message Daniel’s fiancé could be seen telling her secret lover Eric that their relationship was over despite the promise they once made to each other as she was about to get married to Daniel in a few week time.

Although Eric who thought it was a joke later became serious as he reminded Daniel’s fiancé about her past secrete where she did 4 abortions for him.

Well, Daniel’s fiancé who became shocked after remembering her longtime secret had made an attempt to pay Eric off by asking him to name his price, but unfortunately Eric wasn’t who was not interested in her money went offline by telling that her wedding would not hold as it has already been canceled.

Well, it is indeed a sad and difficult situation for Daniel after discovering this hidden message on his fiancés phone just four days to his wedding.

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