SCAM!!! Whatsapp Crime Alert_Cyber analyst

There is an ongoing whatsapp scam that seeks to captivate owners’ accounts by cyber criminals to manipulate and gain full possession of account details and aid the spread of this criminal activity by gaining access to contact list.

Cyber analyst at E-crime bureau, Philemon Hene in an interview on TV3 news mentioned that, this act is now on the ascendancy and that, he urged all whatsapp users to exhibit extreme vigilance in replying certain suspicious messages from any kind of person whatsoever.

He also described the form this cyber crime takes. A message stating that One has won a huge amount of money would be sent to an individual following that, he/she texted a code that was sent to him/her to continue the process. Immediately that is sent, the criminal gains all details of One’s account and begins to fully manipulate it.

How do I know my account has been hacked?
Whatsapp will prompt you in an attempt to open your account that, your number is not associated with the whatsapp account.

What do I do when my account has been hacked?
Quickly uninstall whatsapp and reinstall it again. However, if this doesn’t work, then report the issue to whatsapp or get an expert to help you


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