See What Actor Adjetey Anang Does To Help His Wife In The Kitchen

Adjetey Annan, a Ghanaian actor, has confessed that when he returns home, the first thing he does is wash the dishes.

According to the actor, while his wife, Elom, enjoys cooking, she does not enjoy doing the dishes, so he steps in after their dinners at home.

Adjetey Annan, better known as Pusher for his role in the popular Things We Do For Love TV series, explained that when they are all weary, they leave the dishes in the sink overnight and he washes them the next morning.

“She likes to cook but she doesn’t like to do dishes; so when I come home to cooked food and a sink full of dishes, I get busy and sort it out; after all, I live there too! I bath, feed, and do my son’s homework with him and put him to bed before she gets home from work sometimes. It’s our home and our son, so we share what’s got to be done. Sometimes when I’m tired or she’s tired, we just take it easy and the dishes stay in the sink till morning. Domestic life is not an examination. We try to simplify life and we have our peace,” the actor wrote.

On his Instagram feed, the actor made the disclosure while providing ideas on how to keep a happy home.

This publication is to encourage men to help  their women in their various houses…hahahah

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