See What You Probably Do Not Know. Number 5 Will Change Your Life For Good.

We found this interesting and helpful.

See what almost nobody knows about human psychology.

According to Hina Answer, a Growth mindset hacker, writer and entrepreneur on Quora. He stated that

1. People are most honest when they are physically tired, hence people confess things during the late-night conversation.

2. Smart people mostly underestimate themselves, and ignorant people always consider themselves brilliant; which is also known as the dunning krueger effect.

3. Your physical pain, as well as fear & stress, can be relieved by holding hands with someone you love.

4. People with low self-esteem are more likely too busy humiliating others.

5. By doing daily exercise, your risk of catching a cold or flu, and severe form of infection can be a drop.

6. Around 80% of human talk is complaining, in a group.

7. Even the illusion of progress is very motivating.

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