See why men are attracted to women with big B00TY

See why men are attracted to women with big B00TY

I’ve often paid attention to car guards in the streets or at the shopping centres.

Very rarely would they take note of a driver parking their car, but they wait until the driver has to drive off.

When a driver prepares to leave, they’re onto the car like a bad rash. They stand behind the vehicle and wave their hands to ensure you don’t reverse into another car.

This is often followed by you tipping them for services rendered. My point is that it’s always about the reverse and never about the parking.

Men, like many car guards, are often excited by a woman’s behind.

When she walks or turns around, they can’t help but perform similar gestures to that of car guards.

So, why are men drawn to a woman’s bum?

According to the research from the University of Texas in Austin, men are not drawn so much to the size of the bum but are drawn to the curve and, more specifically, a spinal curvature that offers the illusion of a shapely butt.

In the study, approximately 100 men between the ages of 17 and 34 were asked to rate the attractiveness of images of a woman’s silhouette as she stood sideways.Hajia Bintu

Each image had been altered so the lower spine curved out at different angles, causing the woman’s bum to protrude in varying extremes.

Hajia bintu goes P@ntless As She Shakes Her Huge Azz in a video
Hajia bintu 

What researchers found overwhelmingly was that men preferred the uber-bendy images that showed the lower spine curved at a 45-degree angle, from back to buttocks.See why men are attracted to women with big B00TY

Furthermore, The Student Room publication explained that men love women with big bums because men associate women’s strength and power with a big behind.

-Daily Sun

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