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Street War: Preacher Aggressively Prays for a Mentally ill Man (Watch)

On social media, a rib-cracking video has surfaced showing a preacher attempting to forcefully pray for a mentally ill man.

In a rib-cracking video, a street preacher aggressively prays for a mentally ill man, turning a spiritual release from the spirit of madness into a physical conflict.

The amusing video, which is quickly becoming popular on social media, is said to have taken place in Mbale, Uganda’s easternmost town.

The mentally ill man initially appeared to be upset with the Street preacher’s decision to force him to pray for him, but the preacher did not back down.

The hilarious footage that is fast going viral on social media reportedly took place in Mbale town in Eastern Uganda.

At the start, the mentally ill man appeared to have been unhappy about the Street preacher ‘s move to pray for him by force but the preacher did not stop at that point.

Filled with so much passion to cause a change in the life of the mentally impaired man, the preacher kept praying and trying to lay his hand on the head of the defiant man.

Then it reached the point where the man whose peace was being disturbed could not take it any longer. He turned the battle from a spiritual deliverance into physical combat which landed both himself and the preacher on the floor.

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Natives who were being spectators could not keep calm at this point as they kept screaming on top of their voices in excitement

Well congrats to the man of God for the remarkable spiritual work done! “Anaa yɛ nkɔ Heblews”.

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