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The Editorial Board of the KNUST SRC, spent the day at the children’s ward of the KNUST Hospital


The Editorial Board of the KNUST SRC, as part of its social responsibility of giving back to society, went to the Children’s ward at the KNUST HOSPITAL, to spend some time with the children, and give them some food (Jollof) and drinks, among other things, as a gesture during this Christmas season of giving.

This, they said, was their quota of love that they could show to the children, so that the act will linger in their minds and they will not to feel left out during the season, and for them to have some fun as well.

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The University’s hospital thanked them for such a wonderful initiative they had taken, since this rarely happens, and most donations are given to only the children’s home. They then urged them to keep doing more of such wonderful acts of benevolence for the kids in the near future.

We also at HypeGh say kudos to the Editorial Board, and will love to also encourage the public to do more of such things to foster love in the society for these kids. Kudos.

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