The long awaited moment is here as Boakye Yiadom Dennis declares his intentions to run for SCISA PRESIDENT

I Boakye Yiadom Dennis, a second year Chemistry student on this day make my intentions known to join the Scisa Presidential race upon being exposed to the loopholes in our activities as a student body and a student democracy: most student leaders and colleague friends love to imply or mean that, give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach that man how to fish and he will live for a lifetime but I recognize that the missing part in this analogy and narrative that have shaped this college and our student interactions for far too long is that the vast majority of students haven’t been given a fishing rod. They would be taught how to fish but they really don’t have the tools to help them fish.


And we must be ready to do something about this loophole.

I have met a girl who had to leave school for a year and join us the following year because she had no scholarship to fund her tuition.

I met students with their own struggling campus businesses but chose not to attend any of our college’s entrepreneurship programs.

I met hard working students who chose to stand during lecture periods because they couldn’t view lecture content from the board if they sat.


They need a friend and a champion and on this day, I declare my candidacy for the president of SCISA

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