The Menace of Plastic Waste: A major breakthrough with The Mutant Enzyme

The Menace of Plastic Waste: A major breakthrough with The Mutant Enzyme

So much havoc seen caused in the society which includes flooding in the city of Accra, Ghana and some major cities worldwide. This is a result of the inability of rainwater from heavy downpour to freely flow through drainage systems. One major cause of this is the plastic wastes dumped into gutters which is a very common practice seen every day.

A major breakthrough with The Mutant Enzyme, plastic degrading enzyme discovery

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Plastic wastes are increasing at an alarming rate each day. Most scientists work tirelessly to find solutions to plastic wastes. Not too long ago, an enzyme named The Mutant Enzyme which can break down plastics back to its original components was discovered. This discovery was made in Japan in 2016 when a group of researchers was examining plastic wastes; they found a bacterium that digests plastics, which means the bacterium has an enzyme in it that helps it break down the plastic. The bacterium was believed to have evolved in a natural way.

The Mutant Enzyme

The bacteria were subjected for analysis by a team of researchers led by Prof. John McGeehan from the University of Portsmouth together with the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory in the United States. In the process of the analysis of the enzyme from the bacterium, they accidentally created a more efficient form of the enzyme and named it The mutant enzyme. This enzyme can break down plastics within just a few days.

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This could be a major breakthrough for us but the issue is that most of the plastic wastes are discarded into the ocean and it may be a little difficult to gather all plastic wastes in the world and degrade them. Most of the attention should be shifted to preventing the dumping of more wastes into the water bodies and how to collect the ones which are already in the water bodies for decomposition.[irp]

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