THE NEW GUY…KUDOLO DIABA(SCISA Financial Secretary, hopeful’2020)

Hello good people of SCISA, I am Prince Kudolo Diaba , a second year student reading BSc. Actuarial Science. Throughout my academic life I’ve come to realise that Everything Counts. The little things we do for other individuals go a long way in shaping their future. Whether on the right path or the wrong path, it depends on what you did for them. In my quest to help the people around me, I have taken up roles everywhere I find myself.


I believe now is the time the good people of SCISA know the affairs of the association. I believe that Everything counts. Every pesewa or a cedi from the association dues counts and therefore we have to give account to the student body. There has to be accountability and transparency in the association. All in all, you have the power to make the association accountable to you. You, the people have the power to make everything count. You have the power to choose good leaders to run the association.


I therefore present myself, Prince Kudolo Diaba as a SCISA Financial Secretary aspirant (Hopeful) to you the people. Make the right decision because as I said you, the people have the power to make everything count.


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