The race for a coronavirus vaccine.

The outbreak of coronavirus accompanied by it’s severity has required that a vaccine be found for it. The world is in a state of fear over where the virus will strike first and what will happen next.

There is a race to find a cure for the coronavirus ,as antimalarial drugs, HIV medications , flu vaccines and athritis treatment have all been tested. Hypeghnews takes a look at the latest medical efforts to battle the pandemic.

Teams of scientists across the world are working around the clock to develop a new drug or repurpose an existing medication to halt the spread of the virus.

Scientist are now fast tracking results and sidestepping normal scientific steps such as animal testing to find drugs that will treat and kill the virus that causes COVID-19.

What are Coronaviruses?How it spreads,Signs and Symptoms,Prevention and Treatment


In China the Chinese Beijing Advaccine Biotechnology is working with US biotech company called Inovo Pharmaceuticals. They are in the process of developing a DNA vaccine called INO-4800.
Fujifilm though it’s best known for photographic products has made a drug called FAVIPIR. This was initially intended to treat new strains of flu. However it appears to be proving effective in treating coronavirus patient, particularly those with lighter symptoms.
The first trials of a potential vaccine called mRNA-1273 have already began in the United States.Their vaccine was made by biotechnology company Moderna Therapeutics.

The struggle is still on,as we continue to hope that a vaccine would be discovered and prove effective. For now let’s adhere to the preventive measures.

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