The Story Behind The Goil Logo That You Need Know

Goil Logo

A logo is a mixture of text and graphics that tells people your small business’s name while also creating a visual symbol that expresses your goal. It’s an important aspect of your brand’s identification (what people will see).

A excellent logo is memorable, distinguishes you from the competition, and encourages brand loyalty.In this publication, brings you a brief story behind the goil logo

The GOIL logo mark is based on organic and dynamic shapes that represent movement, energy, life and growth.

Goil logo

The logo icon expands from the inside and creates a dynamic flow with each blade harmoniously following the last to create life.

Story behind Goil logo
Story behind this logo

The GOIL logo encapsulates this movement and the positive flow of energy. The key aspects of the Goil logo are movement, energy, growth, progress, warmth, organic and harmony.


GOIL reduces fuel prices at the pumps

Ghana oil
Ghana oil

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