In Africa, English – E Language subject is the ruler of all education grading systems. If a student score “A1″ in all other subjects and get poor grade in English subject, all the other performances becomes useless.

The use of computer dictionaries redirect students to learn other spellings. The American English spellings are different from the British English spellings.
Students Examination council have not solved this problem. Students who mixed American English spellings with the British English spellings don’t pass their exams.

Students finally get surprised and confused of the outcome of results that comes to their parents. Whether their papers was marked by a teacher who schooled in the United States of America or England, students will not know about that. The color/ colours of the program or programmes code are not the same as the type of English exams written in WASSCE , the University etc.

Almost every English teacher is not satisfied about answers from students during the markings of examination scripts. High dependency of the decision on the English masters is responsible for the downgrading of people lives. This kind of education system has crippled Ghana economy for centuries. If I mark you to pass, the other can mark you to fail. That is the slogan of English masters. Many teachers and lecturers are always not satisfied. They are always like enemies of progress during universities admission.

In this critical times of the global pandemics, no medical doctor around the world have been able to find cure for the CORONA VIRUS – COVID 19.

The world has gotten to a stage where the sick don’t need a good English writer or English performances to heal them.

The African continent which was divided by the colonial demons by virtue of religious doctorings were deceived because of her mineral resources. God would not send anyone to develop Africa except the African people.

Today, marks a memorable day of 400 years where young black pastoral preachers were thought in English Language to preach doctoring rules to their fellow black people during the slave trade.

In those ancient days, the political imperialism act was the chief in command of every sector of life. The black couldn’t breath because when you speak, you should speak to the understanding of your ruler to enable him or her know your plans.

In this scientific era, the African educationists still require students to preach in addition to sciences. Please use common sense. Let the languages people do their job as you know other subjects were written in English Language.

The African States are enemies of our own selves because we don’t change a kind of system to improve upon the other. Since COVID19 started, which English doctor has been able to find a complete cure or vaccine to heal the sick?

Excuse my word to say ” We are all fools, been fooled many years out of centuries to disqualify a student with A1 in all subjects and E8 in English subject” from pursuing their dream courses at the universities. Did your grandmother or mother need English subject to know the right herbs in the bush to enable her put Bentoa in your Ass ??? Do you even know the English name for “Bentoa” ?

Which Professor in the universities started the University without involving the labour of his local people? Publish your answers.

We should stop behaving as mad people and appreciate the works of English Speaking people to tell them that, we are at the technical age and only if we can read and write their language, we are good to go.

English Subject is a presumable subject. The accuracy of English don’t build good economy but it rather encourages the smart money makers to dupe people and become rich by printing papers everyday at a standstill.

The home schooled persons are even better than many Professors because they have everything they need to do the needful things to improve their lives.

Soft electronic handouts are not needed at the universities except the printed one. Why?

Lecturer could tell students on the face that, ” I will always fail you in my subject if you don’t buy my handouts. I don’t care about your other sources of knowledge that enable you to write my paper.
Politicians are corrupt so I am also extracting my money from students”.

That speech was so bad from University Professors!

Many Universities Lectures don’t even know how to handle a mouse of a computer that is why they are against online education systems for the readings subjects. Let’s start acknowledging our positions in the world universities rankings and see our performances in running school businesses. That will tell us the great job we do. You are university lecturer and your students have to do sex with you before they can pass their subjects. Due to that act, many students have committed suicide by hanging themselves, others jumped from the tall buildings and died.


May God forgive you.

In Africa, every single certificate needs to be evaluated in other countries within Africa because all our systems are disorganised. A common platform will do better and we all know it. Why are we not doing it to save the waste times?

Many Universities Lecturers have a challenged mind because they fear the self learned people. Our laboratories have nothing but yet we run the courses.
Your only concern is to publish your students teases to upgrade yourself. You don’t know anything. All your handouts for sale was given to you by your grand father who was also a teacher. You don’t go for practical educational workshop and so you don’t know practicals. Book copier!

How you grade your students also determine the University performances at the world universities rankings. Wicked Lecturer! You think you are damaging lives with happiness. English Economy with rigidity timeline education systems that prolong everyday empty fetch. That is what your universities produce.

Universities Autonomous our foot. Put government officials on the Board.

May God Bless our homeland Ghana and make us great and strong without fear. Kuffour – Computation Mathematics Researcher

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