The Way Forward After June 3rd Disaster – Caleb Asamoah Writes

“Mummy please don’t forget to buy the shoe when you are coming back from the market…” Those were the words of little Kwame as he was been dressed up by his mother for school. His mother, who was a trader, was also ready for the market. Little did Kwame know that his mum will forever be lost in what is considered; one of the saddest tragedy to hit Ghana.
Five years ago in the beautiful city of Accra. The rain started on 1st June, 2015. Gradually, it got intensed. The intensity of it became more on the 3rd of June, 2015. The young and old, men and women, students and traders were all trying to find cover as usual when it rains.
But as to whether they are safe at where they were standing was oblivious to them. As someone will say, it always flood in Accra even if the tiniest drop of rain falls. Eventually, the flood came due to the heavy traffic at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle. Other causes of this flood is as a result of the improper planning of settlement in Accra, choked gutters, which block the drainage system and a few other human factors and also a halt in commercial activities as markets were flooded and workers trapped. Then there was an oil spillage from the nearby Goil filling station. The fire then came in. Mayor of Accra Metropolitan Assembly, Alfred Oko Vanderpuije described the flooding as critical. At least 25 people have died from the flooding directly, while this explosion caused by the flooding killed at least 120 persons.
The big question is, who was responsible for the flooding? Who choked the gutters? Who blocked the drainages? And who settled at unauthorized places?
Is it the fault of the government or the citizenry? In my opinion, we are all to blame for our negligence and lackadaisical attitudes. Many a time, we hear or read from our various form of media, that we should stop littering. We always hear that we should keep our surroundings clean and tidy. But how many times have we put these things into practice? How many times have we ensured that our neighbors are doing what’s right? We are each other’s keeper!
People settle at unauthorized places and what has been done about it? The government will do it’s best to demolish such buildings but you will find Uncle Kpakpo erecting another structure there. Are we serious as citizens at all? Do we value our lives at all?

To the government, it’s high time you stopped neglecting important things and getting the needed job done. You need to be up and doing!
Enforce the law to check all these things. There is a Ministry designated to ensure sanity in our nation but your best is not enough, do more!
Lives are being lost each and every year due to floods and more lives will be lost if we don’t put out the right measures in place as a Ministry. Five years down the line after this tragedy befell us but have we asked ourselves what has been done so far as a country? All hands must be on deck to ensure that flooding stops once and for all in this country. I’m not trying to mediocre things here but hey, everyone is to blame.
Until and unless we change our attitudes towards approaching the perennial floods experienced in this country, lives will be lost and for all you know, we will lose a great person who would have been a great leader one day.
Let’s rise up as one people because together we stand and we will fall if we are divided, and approach this issue the right way. And I’m sure our attitudes will surely change after the impact of this Pandemic. The floods have killed people this year as well but let’s not wait till it continue to take great men and women anymore.
Long live Africa, Long Live Ghana. This too shall pass.
My name is Caleb Asamoah Temeng, Editor and Writer at Hypeghnewsroom and I stand for change in attitudes✊????

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