7 Things That Men Enjoy In Women But They Will Never Tell You.

Things That Men Enjoy In Women But They Will Never Tell You

Things That Men Enjoy In Women But They Will Never Tell You

Romantic appeal is a fascinating thing that scientists still do not fully comprehend. But, they have come up with several ideas about what attracts one person to another through research and experimentation.

None of the items on this list, however, require you to undergo plastic surgery or do a drastic personality redesign. There are tiny tweaks we’re talking about, like being better and changing the deodorant.

Men are easily drawn by what they see, sound, observe, and touch, naturally. Some ladies do not realize that most men are not after your money , power, or appearance, there are sensitive things, little things that men appreciate in a lady, and today in this article I will reveal most of those things to you.

Don’t forget that we guys, like you, are human and we enjoy and appreciate good things too. Stop saying he’s a man, so whatever he sees, he can just make do with it. Men have taste, and as kings we deserve to be treated.

So let me tell you, having opened your mind, some secret things we men enjoy in women and want our ladies to do the same;

Men Love Women Who Make Them Laugh:

If your good at always making your guy smile or laugh, it’s going to be hard for him to leave you, men hate bonn faces people.

Men Love Women Who Bring Good Luck And Blessings To Them:

If a guy has just met you and suddenly luck and blessings start to emerge for him, he’s never going to think about leaving you. As his good luck charm princess, he’ll love you and loving you will be at the top of his list. I’ve seen so many relationships that’ve been ending for a long time, but the guys are still helping the girl and offering her money when asked why? Some say he would immediately get help from someone more than double what he gave her any time she wants money or help and he helps her. You can imagine that.

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Men Love Women Who Wear A Scented Deodorant :

Barely knowing that you’re wearing a new fragrance can make you act more confident, and even make you seem more attractive to your man without you knowing.

Men Love Women Who Are Good Cooks.

You already know that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, why not capitalize on that, and learn how to make good meals for him. If as a lady you can cook well tasty and delicious meals well for your man, he will love you more and will always enjoy having you around. His house spare key will be with you. Some women can attest to this fact.

Before you agree to marry a man, ask him these questions

Men Love Women Who Play Good Music:

Nowadays you find guys 247 with earpiece, most of them can be with it from morning till night. So playing good news while being with them will be a point of attraction to them.

Men Love Women Who Are Very Good In Keeping Their Body Clean:

cleanliness they say is next to Godliness, as a woman you know that every part of your body that come with its flavor, and if you fail to keep it very clean at all time to avoid having a bad odor. If not you will start seeing your guy carrying his nose up while some will say it out. Men don’t waste time running away from such ladies. But, when you as a lady baths well, men will love, respect, and value you.

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Men Love Women Who Can Help Them Grow With Good Plans For Future:

As a lady, if you can help him manage his wealth and not squander it and how to build a home, train the kids and all that. He will love and enjoy having you in his life knowing his kids are in the right and capable hands.

Some ladies are pocket assassins and future killers, men do not like such ladies.

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