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Top Secrets to Building and Improving a Lasting Intimate Relationship

Top Secrets to Building and Improving a Lasting Intimate Relationship
Intimacy is an important aspect of relationships as it encapsulates the closeness people seek in a relationship. Building a safe and intimate relationship starts by knowing the elements of intimacy and then putting them into use.People always ask ;
1. How do you build a strong intimate relationship?
2.How can I make my long-lasting relationship stronger?
3.What’s the secret to a long-lasting relationship?
4.What is the secret to a successful relationship?

Here are top Secrets to Building and Improving a Lasting Intimate Relationship.If you single and you are reading then, don’t worry , make a move today.

1. Get into the right headspace- This is basically about having composure. Have a calm and open mindset. Notice any tension, anger or fear and eliminate them.

2. Check in with your younger self This is now about reflecting on your past. See your history of intimate relationships you have ever made. It may help you discover your intimacy issues that may be making it difficult for you to connect with others.

3. Look at each other– By saying this, I don’t mean starting at them excessively. You can spend at least 5 minutes or even more and stare into the eyes of your partner or loved one in silence. You can learn much just through the eye.

4. Go for couple therapy- This too is important. Everyone may have blind spots. Yours may not be the same as your partner’s. A therapist may make you aware of them.

5. Practise empathy- This is done by understanding your partner’s world and then take action that shows them you see and hear them.

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