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Trump’s Path to Victory:The only way for Donald Trump to win election2020 now

Trump's Path to Victory:The only way for Donald Trump to win election2020 now

Trump’s Path to Victory:The only way for Donald Trump to win election2020 now

If Trump Wins These 4 States Joe Biden Will be in a Dangerous Position

The only way for Donald Trump to win election2020 now

On Thursday, the much-anticipated outcome of the US President’s Election 2020 reached a new stage as Democrat Biden was proclaimed the winner of two big swing states, Michigan and Wisconsin, that President Trump dominated four years ago.

Biden was also expected to win Michigan by NBC and CNN, leaving just six votes shy of the 270 electoral votes needed to win the race by the former vice president.

The way Trump wins relies on Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona, the three big nations.


Where Trump leads Biden by 164,000 votes, with Democrat-leaning Philadelphia County remaining uncounted votes.


The position that Trump is followed by nearly 28,000 votes – counting on.


Where 79,000 of Biden’s votes led – but Trump’s narrowed the gap.

The election was threatened by Trump. The Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia lodged Wednesday cases to avoid the vote-counting patterns for Democrat and rebellious, Joe Biden.

The campaign also said that it would request an explanatory statement in Wisconsin. Trump claimed that he has no meaningful access to counting sites to observe the process to open and tabulate ballots as ensured under the State law.

In Georgia, a lawsuit was also lodged to interrupt the voting count. Rudy Rudy Giuliani indicated that a further complaint could be lodged in Wisconsin at a presidential press conference.

Trump said he could lose elections only on many occasions if he was deprived of it. He said that increasing mail voting would lead to generalized fraud. Though Trump has a leading role in Pennsylvania, thousands of mails are yet to be counted in votes and this will shift the balance in favour of Biden.

On the other side, Michigan has named multiple networks in support of Biden. Trump said in a White House speech that we are winning Pennsylvania by a massive margin. He added, “We truly won the presidential elections, too.

We’re about to win this election frankly. We want the law to be applied correctly. We’re going to go to the US Supreme Court. We want everybody to vote to stop, Trump said. We have all won, counting has been stopped. It is a fraud against the U.S. public.

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He was also accusing Joe Biden of electoral fraud, and we have won the election as far as I am concerned.

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Who do you think deserves the victory?

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