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Twene Jonas Allegedly Falls Sick After Several Curses Were Rained On Him

Twene Jonas Allegedly Falls Sick After Several Curses Were Rained On Him

Popular Ghanaian social media sensation, Twene Jonas has become a household name after he took the role of constantly criticizing the government for their wrong policies and corrupt dealings.

The young Ghanaian internet sensation, Twene Jonas, who is based in the USA and noted for bashing leaders in Ghana for their poor leadership has been sending some strong words to Ghanaian leaders.

Every episode of his daily lambast and criticism has gone viral as he has earned himself thousands of listeners and viewers.

Not long ago, Twene Jonas incurred the wrath of Ghanaian chiefs after he reacted to the ongoing Galamsey menace destroying our water bodies.

“Even the Asantehene said if you are a chief and give people land to illegally mine in return of goat then it’s over to you,” he said and added that ” Ghana everyone is a thief, they don’t speak the truth, including the Asantehene”.

He continued that any Ghanaian chief who was involved in Galamsey and destroying the water bodies of his people was a fool.

Jonas’ comments caused an uproar on social media subjecting him to insults and curses. His comments have brought a divide among the Ghanaian populace.

Several videos came out of people cursing Twene Jonas for his comments. However, he reacted that he doesn’t believe in superstition so the curses won’t work on him.

In a new development, Twene Jonas during a live video recently revealed that he was not well and was under the weather.

Despite being under the weather, he gave his followers the normal show and made them laugh as he continued with his normal trend of descending on Ghanaian leaders. Twene Jonas further revealed that no one should think the so-called idols who were used to curse him are working.

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He concluded that his sickness was a normal change in his system which will be flushed out in lesser than 24 hours.

Twene also stated that since he is in Heaven (New York city as he refers to), he has no problem and absolutely no worries to think of.

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