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Us #ElectionResults2020 :End Of The Road For Trump As Biden Takes Lead In These States

Us #ElectionResults2020 :End Of The Road For Trump As Biden Takes Lead In These States

Us #ElectionResults2020 :End Of The Road For Trump As Biden Takes Lead In These States

As the United States of America citizens decide on the fate of the leadership of their country for the next four years, the former deputy president, Joe Biden, of the Democrats Party and President Donald Trump, of the Republicans Party, have taken on each other, and are currently on a neck to neck contest, as the counting of the votes nears the tip end.

However, Joe Biden has surprisingly made a huge stride in the presidential race, having got a majority of the popular votes with over 72 million votes, while Trump trail closely with over 69 million votes.

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The Key votes of the Electoral College have not been any different since Joe Biden is leading marginally having garnered 264 votes against 214 votes by Donald Trump.

Us #ElectionResults2020 :End Of The Road For Trump As Biden Takes Lead In These States

This means that Biden needs only six votes to be declared as the 46th president of USA, while Trump has an uphill task to catch up and possibly floor Biden and retain the presidential seat.

To win the election, Trump needs to win several states like Georgia, which has 16 Electoral College votes, North Carolina with 15, Pennsylvania with 20 votes, and either Arizona with 11 votes or Nevada which has 6 votes.

He also needs to pray that Joe Biden does not get any electoral votes from the states since it would make his last minute push futile.

However, on sensing defeat, Trump’s legal team had filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania, seeking for the court to scrutinize the counting of votes, bit his lawsuit was kicked out by the Supreme Court.

In Georgia, he also launched a lawsuit seeking the court to stop the counting of votes, but again, his lawsuit was dismissed.

Joe Biden’s popular vote leads of over 72 million votes is record breaking since it’s the highest ever to be acquired by any presidential candidate in the history of the American elections.

Trump’s total citizens votes of over 69 million votes is also record breaking since he has surpassed what he got in the 2016 elections with over 4 million votes.

Even so, President Donald Trump has continuously alleged that he is being deprived a second term by fraud.

“This is a case where they’re trying to steal an election, they’re trying to rig an election, and we can’t let that happen,” Trump said in a dour monotone, providing no evidence and departing the room without answering for his false claims.

His message came as new tallies show his lead dwindling in Georgia and Pennsylvania, where mail-in ballots are still being counted.

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