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What A Student Wrote As The Causes Of Teenage Pregnancy will shock you (Photo)

What A Student Wrote As The Causes Of Teenage Pregnancy will shock you (Photo)

 What A Student Wrote As The Causes Of Teenage Pregnancy will shock you (Photo)

Social studies has been one of the favorite subject for students in basic.This is as result of how predictable the answers are, if only you are sharp.

Examples such as List the causes of this, Discuss how this can, Explain how ,What’s the difference between and many more.One funny thing is that , the answers are mostly the same. Some answers can run through the causes of anything you could mention.

Causes Of Teenage Pregnancy
Causes Of Teenage Pregnancy

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For example, broken homes is always mentioned as the cause of every negative thing, be it teenage pregnancy, theft, corruption, etc.

The world is changing and the things that used to causes of teenage pregnancy in the old days has also changed. These days, a young lady may agree to ‘sleep’ with a guy for things such as phones, jobs, money,food like yoghurt or pizza are now the causes of teenage pregnancy.

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Through our research, came upon  picture online where a student was asked to list five causes of teenage pregnancy.

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His answers were: iPhone, indomie, AC (Air conditioner), flat screen (TV), and Mobile money. And these were actually marked as correct by the teacher.  See the picture below:

His answer may be funny but it reflects the sad reality of our world today. Teenagers are being brainwashed that these are what makes one successful in life: if you have an iPhone, a tv, money, can afford whatever food you want, etc. And they think success is in the teenages.

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