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Download: What is MTN MoMo app?

Has it ever come to your mind what the Mtn Momo app means and how is being used in Ghana and other parts of the world?. The operation of Mobile Money application is currently taking over the banking industry. Today on, we will take through what the Mtn Momo app stands for and how to use the Mtn Momo app.MTN Momo app

What is the MTN MoMo app?

MTN MoMo app is an application that enables merchants to receive payments and services using MTN Mobile Money.


Besides merchants, customers can also use it to pay for the same goods and services. Just by receiving payment from merchants.

The fascinating stuff about the app is that customers use the service for free and no extra fees are associated with the MoMo app.

Nevertheless, not the same case for the merchants. They incur additional charges depending on the status of the merchant and daily customers.

What is MTN mobile money?

MTN (Mobile Telecommunication Network) Mobile Money is a safe electronic service that facilitates.


MTN Mobile Money customers store cash, send and receive money, make payments, and do several other transactions just using their phones.

How to use the MTN Momo app

Both customers would have to download the Momo app on the play store for Android users. And Apple users would need to download it at the app store to be able to access the MoMo service on their phone.

For Merchants, they have to go to the Momo Centers and register for the MoMo service by filling an application form and also provide relevant business information.

Who is a Momo merchant and customer?

A Momo merchant is a person who receives or withdraws payments in the form of money or currency and sends money on behalf of a customer at a fee.


A Momo customer is a person who withdraws money and transfers money through a merchant.

Uses of MTN MoMo app

  • The MTN MoMo customers can use their MoMo app in several ways. Customers can receive and store cash on the MoMo app.
  • MoMo wallet holders can send money to any MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) user – registered or not.
  • They can send money to Mobile Money (MoMo) users on other local networks.
  • Registered customers can withdraw money at any authorized MTN MoMo agent with their valid Identification card.
  • Users can simply recharge MTN airtime or data double using the app.
  • Pay bills and fees i.e. can be done on the MoMo.
  • Momo users can buy and repay insurance packages.
  • Employers and some users can pay employee incomes, movie tickets, and other goods and services.


How one can recover money sent to a wrong MoMo number
Call the MTN MoMo reversal number (100) to report the wrongly sent money. Report the wrong transaction within thirty (30) days of the incident. The MoMo reversal will take place within fifteen (15) days from the day reported.

How to register MTN MoMo

You can go to any MoMo agent with a valid ID (National ID card(ghana card), passport, or National Health Insurance card) and a registered MTN SIM card.


How do you pay with MoMo

  • Enter *170# on your mobile dialer.
  • Select two (2) for MoMo Pay & Pay Bill.
  • Choose one (1) for MoMo Pay.
  • Dail the Merchant ID.
  • Enter the amount of money you want to be paid.
  • Enter the reference.
  • The full name of the MoMo merchant will be shown for confirmation before payment.
  • After verifying the Momo merchant’s name, enter your MoMo Pin.
  • You and the momo merchant will receive a notification for successful payment after this transaction.

Click on this link to download the Mtn Momo App

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